View Full Version : Drake - Look What Youve Done (Remix) *Tripsz*

1st March '12, 08:26 PM
yo wats gd, took this to studio, dedicated to my brother. just real talk shit. Give it a listen if ya like it bless lemme know, follow on twitter @IamTripsz


the video ---- http://youtu.be/rZctbIC4Xc4

2nd March '12, 10:28 AM
I know you said let you know if you liked it, but I didn't. Just letting you know that.

Edit: After you used the word cunt I am highly offended by this track.

2nd March '12, 10:29 AM
After you used the word cunt I am highly offended by this track.


2nd March '12, 11:35 AM
ridin that benny banks wave #JoblessSwaggerAlways

2nd March '12, 12:24 PM
Not bad at all, much better then I expected. Do you have any more tunes or any tracks I can download bro?

And where did you get that Fila gilet? its ard.

2nd March '12, 12:25 PM

Interesting concept. An inner city London mc spitting with an off beat flow over a American beat is really quite astounding. Especially the way in your version you change the subject of the song from being about a female your attracted to to being about a homoerotic relationship between two brothers. I feel this show of sibling camaraderie is rather original in a scene saturated by MCs talking about selling drugs and killing.

2nd March '12, 01:23 PM
Can't enjoy the track you look too intimidating. I thought in 2012 we were past all this macho thug shit, my 4 year old son ran out the room in tears, thanks for that.

Never listening to you again & I have flagged the video.

2nd March '12, 02:09 PM
How do you pronounce your name "Tripsz". Is it "Trips" or "Tripses" or what? The Z seems pointless.

b66 smedrock
2nd March '12, 02:58 PM
moist yout