View Full Version : UK Rap Is Dead

25th February '12, 01:24 AM
UK Rap has just gone dead...

25th February '12, 04:59 AM
It wasn't ever alive.

Benny Banks, Johnny Gunz, English Frank, Mic Righteous and a few other are the only guys that could be decent skirllla outta rap

25th February '12, 09:30 AM
Far from

25th February '12, 11:31 AM
why do you claim its dead? you can't just come out and say something is dead without saying something to back up such a generic statement.

25th February '12, 02:35 PM
Same shit different mc

25th February '12, 02:45 PM
Same shit different mc

that's the same for every genre of music tho...

25th February '12, 11:46 PM
Don't see how it's dead tbh still good music around.

Justin Credible
26th February '12, 12:35 PM
It's not dead...still on life support

Jimmy Conway
26th February '12, 12:37 PM
How can UK rap be on life support when it was never alive?

26th February '12, 12:52 PM
How can you kill that which has no life to begin with?

Justin Credible
26th February '12, 04:41 PM
er, i was joe-king tbh


26th February '12, 04:54 PM
where's the reasoning

26th February '12, 10:09 PM
Up North Uk Road London Rap>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>London Rap


tyrone da terrible
27th February '12, 03:34 PM
who are people rating then? out of the names catch a cat said i dont really like any of them, english frank has decent content but shit flow, and benny banks can flow with content a little bit but is too soft and annoying. Guys like dvs u hear alot about, prolly cus he got jacked but terrible flow, the same with most of the bigger artists. Only guys ive enjoyed listening to a couple of tunes by recently are ratlin and mover but i dont really know uk rap that well, just stuff off here and what some of my friends play