View Full Version : Video: Stannz Ville - Freestyle [Nottz]

14th February '12, 07:17 PM

14th February '12, 10:39 PM
1st kid was good still and the last guy in the grey hat was cool still

man need hone there flows and content before going on camera

lowe hyping in town :laugh::laugh:

14th February '12, 10:46 PM
posting to confrim i am from "stannz ville"... and do not reconise ANY of these people.

totally unknowns lol

the tunnel there in is the "chase" estate though which is just down my road. so im guessing there from bad breed

15th February '12, 12:07 PM
well they are the ville youngers so not unless your in and around that age you won't know them and jah digga was there to, also if your not 'road' then your not really going to know/recognise them are you