View Full Version : Road Rap heads, reccomend me some material.

10th February '12, 02:38 AM
Yeah, I'm looking to jump on the road rap wave because grime has fully stagnated :(. So, for the members that know what they're saying what are some good mixtapes/albums to cop/download from the road rap scene. I've banged out Giggs' stuff and obviously a few grime artists that have tried to do that crossover stuff I've listened to. I like shit like Max B and Dipset from the US so anything remotely similar to that will be cool aswell. But yeah, will rep good answers as well.

10th February '12, 11:23 AM
Blade Brown - Bags & Boxes/ Financial Times
Joe Black - Business as usual & certified
Youngs teflon - call of duty 1 & 2

Thats about it tbh

10th February '12, 01:34 PM
fix dot'm and yung meth - a fix of meth