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Romelu Lukaku
4th February '12, 04:17 PM
Fairly amusing some of these are!

@P_atriceEvra - "The fact that noone wants to buy me, or even at least start a transfer rumour about me proves the world is racist."

@26_JohnTerry - "Can I please clarify I am not a racist! I have a black dog for fuck sake! #Equality."

fabio_capello_ - "Shaun Wright Phillips calls QPR a "big club". A golf club is a big club to you Shaun, you midget cunt fuck."

Big Sam Allerdyce was a good one too but he's been shut down.

Anybody know any other good ones?

4th February '12, 04:19 PM

4th February '12, 04:33 PM
El Hadji Diouf had/has a great one. Can't remember the link but it was jokes, the guy was just going in on all those TOWIE people and other x-list celebs, so many dumb rangers fans thought he was real as well and kept saying "i fukin luv you mann!"

4th February '12, 05:40 PM
Most of them aren't actually satiring the players, just using the account to act as the person and abuse people. Thats why the Sam Allerdyce one was funny, cos it wasn't just calling everyone a cunt. Its still active btw https://twitter.com/#!/thebig_sam

There was a funny Heskey one a few years back too.

https://twitter.com/#!/MarioBaloteLAD is a shit one

4th February '12, 05:43 PM
@TheBig_Sam >>>

always makes me laugh

4th February '12, 05:48 PM
@TheBig_Sam >>>

always makes me laugh

7th February '12, 03:01 PM

AnfieldCat Anfield Cat
everton rumoured to be interested in signing me, bill kenwright too paw to stump up the money #anfieldcat #meow

AnfieldCat Anfield Cat
just had villas boas on the phone asking me to teach fernando torres how to get in the box #anfieldcat #meow