View Full Version : Audio (SoundCloud/Youtube/Other): ENGLISH FRANK ft Squeeks, Mic Righteous, Logic, TK, Jaja Soze, Durrty Goodz, Malik &

Tight and Bright
30th January '12, 09:42 PM

30th January '12, 10:29 PM
lul, don't think squeeks got the memo

30th January '12, 10:43 PM
Big big track

Malik exo, frank and Jaj all went seriously in

Frank >>>>>>

Video will be big and tape hopefully will be one of the best of 2012

critic of musical arts
30th January '12, 11:11 PM
English frank's verse >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

30th January '12, 11:12 PM
Big track.

Mics mixtapes out later on today/tomorrow too

Franks is out in the next couple weeks, will be sick

30th January '12, 11:29 PM
fucking big line up

logic, mic went in but frank :laugh: he smashed it

lul, don't think squeeks got the memo:laugh:
it was a decent verse mind

31st January '12, 02:57 AM
big track

31st January '12, 02:46 PM
Good concept

Don Pape$ Montanna
1st February '12, 02:44 PM
lul, don't think squeeks got the memo


whats the point of him being on this tune

its fucked though, everyone goes in jaja>>>> mans been improving ever since he started rapping