View Full Version : Video: G Money & Sticky - Stay Schemin [Official Net Video]

21st January '12, 01:23 AM

not feelin the hook but they both go in still

21st January '12, 02:38 AM
This would be much better without the rebore beat and G money singing.

Still good

Justin Credible
22nd January '12, 06:25 PM
tune was nothing special

Prophet Dan
22nd January '12, 07:47 PM
Even though its a rebore. Sounda just as gd as original>>>>>>>>>.

Just a diff synth, nuffin else is different.

Singing is shit. Bars ard>>>>>>.
overakk 6.9/10

24th January '12, 05:21 PM
Gmoney goes in , I aint been dissapointed by him yet.