View Full Version : Shunsuke Nakamura bends dead-ball through moving bus window

19th January '12, 09:50 AM
The current Yokoham F Marinos midfielder was taking part in the TV stunt, in what seemed to be a back alley, and waited with a football on an artificial patch of turf for the bus to approach.

Using mirrors to time his strike, the 34-year-old rolled back the years and bent an absolute beauty straight through the bus window, much to the shock of a group of passengers.

Obviously, had the passengers been a bunch of Celtic fans, they may have been a tad less amazed, as Bhoys supporters became very accustomed to Nakamura’s dead-ball excellence during his time in Glasgow.

Still though… a moving bus is a moving bus!

Let’s see you do that David Beckham!


Shower Posse
19th January '12, 09:55 AM

19th January '12, 10:04 AM

19th January '12, 11:03 AM
That was awesome.

They love their pranks on Japanese telly. Especially hidden camera stuff

19th January '12, 11:11 AM
would like to see him do that with an old school mitre ball but it looked sick nonetheless

Jack 1017
19th January '12, 11:20 AM

19th January '12, 11:37 AM
Sick, always rated him since he banged that free kick in against United.

Pristine Condition
19th January '12, 12:44 PM
I wonder how many times he had to do that. :laugh:

Sick nevertheless

El Asesino
19th January '12, 01:10 PM
if i had a day to do that im confident i could

Jack 1017
19th January '12, 01:21 PM
That french don on youtube>>>>>>>>>>>

19th January '12, 01:21 PM
Nakamura one of my favorite japanese players >>>>>>>>

19th January '12, 01:40 PM
thought it went thru the bus, not that hard to kick a ball into a bus tbh.

out there
19th January '12, 05:56 PM

19th January '12, 07:46 PM
when i was younger my boy managed to throw a firework through a bus window, the ones where only the top bit opens inwards. whole bus filled with smoke an sparks lol

19th January '12, 07:48 PM
Sorry to burst the bubble but the full video shows Naka trying this at least 10 times lol, still sick though.

When he was at Celtic>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

19th January '12, 08:03 PM
On the old Championship Manager I used to always buy him from Reggina, I wanted him to come to Chelsea! Shun-Shoe-Key!!!!!

Edit: I assumed that wasn't the 1st attempt, do you really think they'd have set that whole thing up & after he missed the first time, they'd say.
"Oh well let's call it a wrap.." haha

Tony Starks
19th January '12, 11:58 PM
Lol I remember always copping him on that FM. He was 18-20 on all the vital AM stats>>>>

Physical attributes were lacking though

Mr. Jefferies
20th January '12, 12:01 AM
Sorry to burst the bubble but the full video shows Naka trying this at least 10 times lol, still sick though.

When he was at Celtic>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



20th January '12, 12:04 AM
King Kenny new signing

20th January '12, 12:07 AM


Guys think he only does free kicks as well



Celtic have sold too many sick players down the years :angry:

20th January '12, 12:12 AM
Regardless of how many attempts he had, that was sick.

20th January '12, 12:46 AM
Can confirm Remy does this better

20th January '12, 08:44 PM
Can confirm Remy does this better

Remi Gaillard>>>>>>>>>

The first time I saw his videos/pranks I was gassed.

Tiny NIGDON Squeeze4P
20th January '12, 10:47 PM
dis fam not odt