View Full Version : More match fixing in italian football

17th January '12, 09:58 PM
Italy is up to itís necks in a match fixing scandal that has already seen two former Italian internationals arrested (Cristiano Doni & Giuseppe Signori) and this latest incident has many talking. Watch as Cesena have their keeper sent off, then watch as the Serie A strugglers, with no subs left, put an outfield player in goal who then appears to gesture to Arturo Vidal which side he will dive to, and then watch as he makes a truly laughable attempt to prevent the spot-kick from going in. Suspicious? What do you think? Spotted on the excellent 101 Great Goals.


Check the eyes, lol must be an idiot to think he'd get away with something like that with any amounts of camera's & shit about.

Jimmy Conway
17th January '12, 10:05 PM
Doesn't even matter because Italian soccer sucks dick; bunch of boring, flopping, lasagna eating motherfuckers on a field.

Alter E-ghost
17th January '12, 10:26 PM
:lol: smh disgraceful.

17th January '12, 10:35 PM


Them fuck boys at Fifa won't do nothing this time tho

17th January '12, 10:35 PM
Napoli had something like it the other week too.

Would have though Juve would have learnt by now...