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17th January '12, 12:53 PM

Article about Villa looking to bring this in. Scottish football has already been given the go ahead for this.

What's peoples opinions on it? Pool fans?

Personally, seeing the terrible support that we now get at the Hawthorns I think this would be a welcome return. Cheaper tickets, standing automatically gets people more involved rather than slumping in their seats and dozing off! (happens a lot at the hawthorns). It does however need tight guidelines on how many can be in these areas to avoid overcrowding and health and safety issues.

I doubt these will be given the go ahead and if they did it would be unlikely for it to happen at any ground until the 2013/14 season. Long way off yet.

17th January '12, 01:30 PM
The word safe is the key word.

I know some people like Anne Williams and relatives of those lost at Hillsborough are completely opposed to any form of standing which I guess is understandable, and I imagine we'd be the last to implement such a system.

There needs to be barriers on every row like in Germany, and seats within the rows as well - so that any standing section can be converted to a seated section. They do this in Germany. E.g You'll have a barrier infront of you, but the barrier also acts as a seat for the person in front if the game is an all seater game.

I can't remember how Germany do it. I think League games are standing, but Uefa games are all seated.

Personally I want it back, I mean everyone stands on the Kop for European or big games anyway and I'd much rather have a barrier in front of me to rest on and my own personal space, than a seat barely off the ground which is so easy to fall over if you score.

Infact, while I'm here if you haven't already, please sign the Kevin Williams petition - http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/19149 - how fitting would it be if we could get Justice for those at Hillsborough and a recognition the authorities failed them that day - as we move towards a safe standing system, it would be fitting.

17th January '12, 01:40 PM
One of the main points I spose with it all is that the introduction of standing is seen to be a way of saving match days and keeping attendances at a high enough level. Don't know if there's any stats anywhere, but I would like to see if its possible that in the future the revenue gained form playing a match infront of a live crowd would dwindle that much that matches become behind closed doors games.

17th January '12, 02:07 PM
But standing would also surely be cheaper? Unless of course they still charge you 50 fucking nicker to stand :laugh:

17th January '12, 02:11 PM
But standing would also surely be cheaper? Unless of course they still charge you 50 fucking nicker to stand :laugh:

Yeah they said standing would be cheaper. Stuff like this is going to be needed now with online streaming and the fact that every pub has every game on.

17th January '12, 02:24 PM
Bruv 1992 was the TV deal. It's only a matter of time until the online deal. I already pay 6 a month for streaming on LiveOnlineFooty. I know its going off topic, but there is so much money in the online side of things, especially if you open it up internationally.

Also, St. Albans costs 10 to go and watch them play. I'm not spending 10 as a student on a team that's not even in the conference. If they were a healthy 5er I'd happily go every week.

Saying that I wonder what team is nearest to me here, anyone got that web link?

17th January '12, 02:55 PM
Saying that I wonder what team is nearest to me here, anyone got that web link?


Don't think it shows non-league teams tho

im not really bothered about terracing making a return, i stood on it for years before we moved ground and it isn't as good as it's made out to be. in a normal league game it doesn't make a difference with regards to atmosphere and on winter games it really is fucking horrible, it's a struggle to move your legs after the game.

but i can see why people do want it back

17th January '12, 06:28 PM
Bring back standing asap

Also smoking sections, the que for the disabled tOilets at half time are gettin past a joke tbh

17th January '12, 06:30 PM
why do you lot want it bringing back then? i think ppl get gassed up over terracing tbh