View Full Version : Downing Cant Hit The Net....NO, But He Can Hit His Ex Partner

8th January '12, 02:58 PM
Footballer Stewart Downing was last night arrested on suspicion of assault after allegedly hitting an ex-girlfriend in a nightclub row.

The Liverpool winger and England international, 27, was arrested after a late night fracas at a pub in the upmarket suburb of Yarm, near Middlesborough, at about 1am last night.


8th January '12, 03:00 PM

the anger from his shit performances :laugh:

8th January '12, 03:01 PM
:lol: Carroll & Downing hitting the bars >>>>>>>>>>>>> Caroll & Downing hittin the bar

8th January '12, 03:15 PM

8th January '12, 03:18 PM

8th January '12, 03:18 PM
Part of his culture growing up in Middlesbrough. Who are we to judge?

b66 smedrock
8th January '12, 04:01 PM
sounds like a normal weekend night for dem northerners

8th January '12, 04:44 PM
lol yarm is only upmarket when compared to middlesbrough

8th January '12, 06:56 PM
Can @stewart downing pls confirm he was aiming for her face

9th January '12, 11:29 AM

Clive Eboue
9th January '12, 11:37 AM
The most disgusting thing about this article is that they mentioned "upmarket" and "Middlesbrough" in the same sentence.

9th January '12, 11:38 AM
Can @stewart downing pls confirm he was aiming for her face


9th January '12, 11:44 AM
downing has more arrests than assists this season

9th January '12, 02:25 PM
saw this on my fb timeline before on someones status about this, dunno how true it is:

"Stu is a regular in my local when up from Liverpool. He is a top lad and this is bullshit, she is just a publicity hunting bint !! Those who think he is a tosser are far from the truth. She probably wants publicity to get on desparate scousewives !!"

9th January '12, 04:30 PM
Just spoke to my good friend @nataliedowning (http://twitter.com/nataliedowning)
cant believe the shit that has been wrote about stuart, he wasn't even involved in a brawl and it wasn't even an ex gf , it was some silly girl that attacked his friend and then went to attack him , whats going on with these girls now days???

9th January '12, 08:15 PM
Lol at this, just waiting for Craig Bellamy to attack our next opponents with a golf club

9th January '12, 08:34 PM
downing has more arrests than assists this season