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9th August '08, 10:51 AM
Just on my way down to Plymouth, slightly bored just wondered what your expecting from your team this year?

For us (wolves) we got to be aiming for the top two, if we don't go up this season were going to loose alot of our best players

Ps. Cortz please stop chattin shit in threads, it's annoing me now

9th August '08, 01:06 PM
Im looking for brighton to ATLEAST get playoff final.
Where a low championship side. not a high league one side.

RIP Jakey
9th August '08, 01:15 PM

Top 4 at the end of the season, a good run in the cup/win 1, a least quarters in the champs league.

9th August '08, 01:15 PM
for Spurs to atleast be around the top 7 come end of season, with a good cup run quarters atleast and uefa cup semi

9th August '08, 01:19 PM
I'd like Spurs in the top 6. And to beat Arsenal in the league. And if Dos Santos or Modric are good, to actually keep them.

Nine Bar
9th August '08, 03:21 PM
Villa top 7, hopefully a very good cup run in the FA and Carling cup and the quarter finals of the UEFA.

9th August '08, 07:14 PM
for arsenal - to win something

10th August '08, 12:11 AM

stoke for the title tbh

sidibe > c.ronaldo.

101% fact.

12th August '08, 09:49 PM
we need to come top 10.

12th August '08, 10:22 PM
Minimum position of 4th.
Expect 3rd.
Would like to finish within 10 points of the winners.

Challenge for the cups.

'nuum general
12th August '08, 11:08 PM
hull - expecting 19th, hope for anywhere above 18th