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Billionaire Playboy
27th December '11, 02:18 AM

The one the underground has been waiting for. Youngs Teflon's 'Call Of Duty' is a certified UK Rap classic, here is follow up. Will this shatter the underground once again? Download here from ukrapmusic.com via the download link below to find out for yourselves.


01. Youngs Teflon - Da Paint (Prod. By Loco & Cease)
02. Youngs Teflon - James Coffee (Prod. By Carns Hill)
03. Youngs Teflon - 2nd Strike (Prod. By Carns Hill)
04. Youngs Teflon - Da Hanger (Feat. SDG & Mental K) (Prod. By Loco)
05. Youngs Teflon - Rise Of The Machines (Feat. Mental K) (Prod. By Loco)
06. Youngs Teflon - Da Trill (Prod. By Shellz Hill)
07. Youngs Teflon - Wake Up (Feat. Yungen) (Prod. By Loco)
08. Youngs Teflon - Clap Out (Feat. Mental K & Dimzy) (Prod. By Loco)
09. Youngs Teflon - Change The Names (Prod. By Loco)
10. Youngs Teflon - Riot Muzik (Feat. Killa Ki & Reekz) (Prod. By Carns Hill)
11. Youngs Teflon - London Riots (Feat. Mental K) (Prod. By Carns Hill)
12. Youngs Teflon - Mayweather (Feat. Scorcher) (Prod. By Carns Hill)
13. Youngs Teflon - Peggy Mitchell (Feat. Bonkaz & Kaz) (Prod. By Carns Hill)
14. Youngs Teflon - Hard Dough (Feat. Grizzi) (Prod. By Loco)
15. Youngs Teflon - Ol'skool Days (Prod. By Loco)
16. Youngs Teflon - Faded (Feat. Blade Brown) (Prod. By Carns Hill)
17. Youngs Teflon - Harry Potter (Prod. By Loco)
18. Youngs Teflon - Lil Nicky (Prod. By Shellz Hill)
19. Youngs Teflon - Balance (Prod. By Shellz Hill)
20. Youngs Teflon - Tan Em (Prod. By Loco)


out there
27th December '11, 02:52 AM

on the dl

27th December '11, 03:10 AM
Change The Names >>>

27th December '11, 03:11 AM
while the uk rap scene looks dead youngs tef is still odt>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

27th December '11, 03:22 AM

on the dl


Will report back tomorrow

27th December '11, 03:27 AM
5 tracks in >>>>>>>>>
Da Hangar>>>>>>

Tony Starks
27th December '11, 03:33 AM
On The DL

27th December '11, 03:40 AM
Hills Production >>>

27th December '11, 03:52 AM
No need to skipo any tracks tbh
The way he's done quite a few collabs is a good contrast to the original cod mixtape
E.g scorcher, killa ki, skwilla da gorilla
This and GMT2, top 5 easily this year

LIL NIKKI>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Felt like I was watching a movie gmt

out there
27th December '11, 01:10 PM
too sick

dno how my dons dont rate tef , he always delivers

loco , carnz , shellz >>>>

28th December '11, 05:00 AM
Lil nicky too much had to wheel it 3 times>>>>

28th December '11, 12:19 PM
tef <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

good job this was free id feel sorry for any1 who had paid lol

carns is also the worst producer in UK Rap

out there
28th December '11, 12:30 PM
tef <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

good job this was free id feel sorry for any1 who had paid lol

carns is also the worst producer in UK Rap


28th December '11, 12:45 PM

Ar Piff
28th December '11, 09:16 PM

28th December '11, 11:00 PM

Where's that from?

Ar Piff
29th December '11, 12:46 AM
made it myself. alternate version because i thought the original was shit to be fair.

ive done a few of them for albums im not happy with the artwork for just for my personal use.

also got way more graphic design covers im working on my portfolio at the moment

29th December '11, 04:38 AM
@Arpiff , ahh that's good still

29th December '11, 01:32 PM

29th December '11, 04:56 PM
Shellz, carns

fav tracks are hard dough, 2nd strike,balance, harry potter and lil nicky for me

31st December '11, 01:28 AM
Lil Nicky>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

the description was mad you could actually visualise what he was spitting properly.

31st December '11, 11:13 PM
big tape

3rd January '12, 03:43 PM
u know the rap game has gone shit when an absolute gem like this only has 1 page :dead:
Lil nicky is unreal! used to find tef boring but this>>>>>>>>>

7th January '12, 06:40 PM
so glad Youngs put this out in 96kbps, perfect for playing out of my phone on the bus in 2006.

an increase in bit rate might put me at risk of being able to actually appreciate the beats as well.