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Mr Nasri
21st December '11, 10:14 AM
Whats going on here how has this guy not been sacked?

The abuse he is getting is crazy. They've even turned on the owners.

21st December '11, 10:20 AM
The owners are the ones to turn on.

Feel bad for Kean, he doesn't deserve the abuse he's getting from these inbreds. People always moan that young British managers don't get a chance in the top flight, he did and the press and fans were against him from the start (as he replaced one of the press' golden boys).

His record is terrible - but its worth noting how unlucky he's been. Nelson out for ages, Jones sold and the money not reinvested, Olsen out so having to play Givet at left back (lol), Givet being out with a heart condition, Scott Dann rupturing his balls (LOOOOOL). They played quite well against us tbh. He also brought in some decent players like Yakubu, Rochina and Formica so fair play.

He needs to go, I doubt any set of fans will let him take a job at their club (a la Villa and McClaren, that really worked out for them, McCleish is doing big things :dead:) which is sad.

Tony Starks
21st December '11, 12:01 PM
I co-sign that^

21st December '11, 12:51 PM
The longer they leave it the sooner they west ham:dead:

21st December '11, 12:53 PM
The longer they leave it the sooner they west ham:dead:

They're being linked with Avram Grant here and there


21st December '11, 12:57 PM
They're being linked with Avram Grant here and there



21st December '11, 02:57 PM
Avram soon cum

21st December '11, 03:04 PM
Lol, if they appoint Avram then you can guarantee relegation.
Either way Blackburn are now a very average team, I remember a few years back they were always a difficult game, now they just roll over

21st December '11, 03:07 PM
they didnt give allardyce so much time and kean was his assistant lol. dont know why they thought he was going to be good. Should of been sacked ages ago

21st December '11, 03:15 PM
The longer they leave it the sooner they west ham:dead:


21st December '11, 03:55 PM


what's that gif from?

21st December '11, 04:05 PM
the owners don't know what they're doing

Jack 1017
21st December '11, 05:15 PM
Should never of sacked Big Sam tbh

Shower Posse
21st December '11, 05:30 PM
I thought he was going to be the first one to be sacked tbh. Surprised he made this long

21st December '11, 05:33 PM
Should never of sacked Big Sam tbh


lol last night when the Bolton fans were singing it

the Blackburn fans were disgusting tbh to give the manager and players that kind of reception during the game good luck to Kean he has been under more pressure than most could handle and they still got half the season

we didnt even do that with Avram when it was obvious from around April we were going down

Julio Cesar
21st December '11, 05:51 PM
I feel sorry for him, clearly not a premiership manager and is being used by owners to deflect blame from themselves.

21st December '11, 06:34 PM
What quality said and when did Scott dann have his balls ruptured what the fuck lmao

21st December '11, 06:50 PM
He should be sacked tbh. Not just for this season, but how poor they were last season as well. Yeah they've had injuries, but the squad Kean has been left with shouldn't be fighting relegation. They should be around mid-table.

The Blackburn fans have a right to boo/groan if the them aren't doing well.. But their behaviour towards Kean has been out of order. Booing when Yakabu scores (in that game he scored 4 goals in) and goes to celebrate with Kean when they were winning as well! That's fucked up.

21st December '11, 07:22 PM
Against west brom hij