View Full Version : John Jones v lyoto machida

50 Cedis
11th December '11, 12:49 AM
How come there isn't a thread about this fight?

should be sick

its on tonight

11th December '11, 01:00 AM
was gonna cop it but will probly just stream. you know what time the fight starts?

50 Cedis
11th December '11, 01:05 AM
not sure tbh, main event is usually around 4

11th December '11, 01:21 AM
Gonna watch the Khan fight cos it's on sky sports but might stream this one if I'm still up.

50 Cedis
11th December '11, 01:28 AM
might try and go sleep now then set my alarm for 3 or 4

hate watching these things while fighting to keep my eyes open

11th December '11, 01:31 AM
gna record the khan fight and watch when i wake up. ufc>>>>>>boxing for me

jones will win by ud. machida wont be able to get close enough to strike him

11th December '11, 01:36 AM
streams needed itt when available. im going for jones to win by KO 2nd round. if so cant wait for him to fight evans

11th December '11, 01:50 AM
No idea if any of these links will work but I wont be online to check...


If none work then have a look on this page http://forum.wiziwig.eu/threads/64310-Ufc-140?p=1402640
and check the links they post in their thread.

11th December '11, 01:55 AM
cheers hutch

50 Cedis
11th December '11, 02:04 AM
what happened to machida man? remember when he beat rashad and and rogan was like "welcome to the machida era" i thought the brudder was superhuman until the muricio rua fights. hopefully he's on top of his game tonight cos i wanna see a sick fight but i still think jones has got this one.

11th December '11, 02:51 AM
any of you watching this ron weasley fight?

11th December '11, 05:33 AM
jones is a fucking beast, he put machida to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

could become goat. hes now outclassed 3 top 5 fighters

11th December '11, 11:12 AM
Jones is a right cunt, good fighter but this humble attitude he tries to show off is so fake.

11th December '11, 01:55 PM
fell asleep before the fight :sad:

anyone got a link?

11th December '11, 02:03 PM
really good event.

the korean zombie!!!!

ortiz don't like them body shots fam and HOLY FUCK @ Mir/Big Nog!!

50 Cedis
11th December '11, 07:29 PM
fell asleep before the fight :sad:

anyone got a link?


11th December '11, 08:56 PM
cheers 50