View Full Version : Most Inspirational Football Moment/Match

1st August '08, 02:10 PM
I gotta say its Istanbul 05
What a Game


star was themed 1

1st August '08, 02:16 PM

Ill end up spending all day watching this again and not work on getting a job.

You see when you watch the penalty shoot out, looking at the goal......... if you go to the right, at the top of the stand, just infront of the European media, I was there- drinking Efes all day and they closed the fucking stands down, so there was no soft drinks.

May I also add Barnsley 2, Liverpool 1 and Barnsley 1 Chelsea 0.

1st August '08, 02:21 PM
do ur thing

1st August '08, 03:12 PM
I've got this game recorded...

I watch it daily :D

Pristine Condition
1st August '08, 04:51 PM
I still can't believe this ... tbh!!!! :D

but yeah, i missed the 1st half of this aswell

I was so shocked, i was speechless for like a week, but big up liverpool!!!

4th August '08, 12:24 AM
top 3 selected match

compare that final to the recent finals in champs league >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

although better with original commentary

4th August '08, 01:03 AM
west brom, great escape on final day of the season, the emotional roller coaster being there, 10 minutes away from relegation

4th August '08, 01:08 AM
Titi Camara, falling to his knees and bursting into tears, after scoring at Anfield, in remembrance of and in thanks to his father who had died the previous day unbeknown to fans and pundits alike.

4th August '08, 02:17 AM
henry kisses pitch *golden*

'nuum general
4th August '08, 12:44 PM
When we destroyed watford at home in the playoff semi's 2nd leg. Pitch invasion was superb

4th August '08, 01:51 PM
Robbie Keane crying after carling cup win even though he has moved he was still a great servant and deserved more trophies, any football league team beating a premiership team