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  1. Chelsea vs Stoke
  2. Wayne Rooney - PFA player of the year
  3. What sports do you watch if not football/basketball/etc?
  4. Who will win the World Cup?
  5. Betfair.
  6. 2010/2011 Kits
  7. Funniest transfer rumour so far...
  8. mayweather vs mosley
  9. World cup golden boot
  10. Liverpool Sign Shelvey
  11. Pepe Reina's 6 Year Contract
  12. Football Is A Faggot's Game
  13. LOL at this
  14. Will Liverpool Have Had A Better Season Than Arsenal or Man U??
  15. The Official MMA Thread
  16. Fulham Vs Hamburg
  17. Liverpool Fans
  18. Will Fulham Have Had A Better Season Than Tottenham or Man City??
  19. mad homo pepsi world cup ad
  20. FAO Liverpool fans
  21. Mayweather VS Mosley
  22. Floyd Mayweather vs Shane Mosley [FIGHT QUICK REVIEW]
  23. Liverpool v Chelsea
  24. Dave Whelan (Wigan Chairman) Richer Than Beckham
  25. Wenger Moaning Again
  26. Old firm
  27. man city v spurs
  28. Help me support a German team
  29. Villa have the best pitch in the EPL
  30. West Ham - Wages lol
  31. Mancini leaves MCity sweepstake
  32. TalkSport Video thread
  33. Ibra & Pique are gay
  34. Funniest Football Chants
  35. Harry Redknapp named barclays manager of the season
  36. Blackpool v Notts Forest Playoffs Semis 1st Leg
  37. FC Sevilla VS Barcelona
  38. Tottenham hopeful of clinching record £50m shirt sponsor deal
  39. LAST DAY OF THE SEASON (predictions)
  40. Hull City Vs. Liverpool - Gerrard 'Fight'?
  41. Chelsea Under achieved This Season
  42. Play Off Predictions....
  43. Transfer Rumours Thread
  44. LOL - Did anyone see the totti challenege on Balotelli?
  45. Roy Hodgson wins lma manager of the year
  46. West Ham sack Zola
  47. Gerrard - nice bloke
  48. Fabio Capello makes surprise England World Cup choices
  49. Avram Grant is going to West Ham
  50. Brazil 23 man squad
  51. Spain 30 Man Squad
  52. France W/C Squad
  53. Argentina World Cup 30-man Squad.
  54. Under-dog Team For World Cup
  55. Championship Play-Off Final
  56. has anyone got world cup tv line-up
  57. villa in crisis
  58. John Terry could miss world cup
  59. Why have top players been left out of the World Cup?
  60. Best African Player To Play In The Premiership
  61. Fulham vs Athletico Madrid - Europa League Final
  62. Cardiff City Vs. Leicester City
  63. What is your favourite World Cup goal?
  64. Gerrard & Torres Thread
  65. Cesc Fabragone?
  66. They sink it's all over
  67. in 8minutes it will be a thread you should have a look at // yes, now
  68. FA Cup Buildup
  69. Chelsea v Portsmouth fa cup final
  70. If Berbs goes To Munich Could You See Ribery Go The Other Way?
  71. RIP Besian Idrizaj
  72. Lauren Blanc to take over from Domenech After World Cup
  73. Ledley King Pens 2 Year Extention At Spurs
  74. Champions League Final: Inter vs. Bayern
  75. If Carlsberg did Team Talks..
  76. This is top top class
  77. Mind = Blown
  78. Mind = Blown Part 2
  79. The official Transfer speculation thread 10/11
  80. Name the world cup finalists
  81. Rooney is understood to have told Alex Ferguson he wants to join Real Madrid this sum
  82. Cesc Is A Goner (The Unoffical Official)
  83. Barcelona Sign David Villa
  84. World Cup Top Goalscorer poll
  85. Fantasy Football - Fifa World Cup 2010
  86. Benitez talks about Liverpool/Torres/Fabregas etc
  87. FAO Liverpool Fans
  88. Like Brother like Brother
  89. Grant Resigns From Pompey
  90. English Football Goal of the Season
  91. Championship Play-Off Final: Cardiff City Vs Blackpool
  92. New Nike Advert
  93. Jose Mourinho confirms he is to leave Inter Milan
  94. FAO Arsenal Fans
  95. 3 Players
  96. What will he do when he starts for Arsenal?
  97. Arsenal are going to replace fish and chips with Jollof rice for their half time food
  98. robben >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ronaldo
  99. Old World Cup Goals
  100. Liverpool need to go all out for
  101. apparently jose has joined real madrid for £40m
  102. Rivaldo
  103. England V Mexico
  104. Englands number 1
  105. Breaking news
  106. Deviant Art
  107. Who will give there greatest performance at the world cup this time?
  108. The "I cant fucking wait for the world cup to start"
  109. Gerrard and Torres going nowhere
  110. Liverpool Fans in Here
  111. Arsenal are gonna do a liverpool
  112. 21st anniversary of St Michael's Day
  113. World Cup group predictions thread
  114. Officially converted to supporting England
  115. its official Jose Mourinho New Manager of Real Madrid
  116. Possible And Probables for the world cup - Part 2
  117. UEFAs new licensing and monitoring regulations
  118. Nooooooooooooo
  119. If England wont get to the final then
  120. World Cup WAGS
  121. Wigan ace Hugo Rodallega claims Arsenal have made an offer for him
  122. England Final 23 Squad
  123. world cup 2010 betting thread
  124. spain vs saudi arabia
  125. USA Vs Turkey
  126. UFC 114 (Rampage v Evans)
  127. England Vs Japan
  128. Fuck you frank lampard you fat downie
  129. I Put A Bet On The Play-Offs
  130. Nigeria V Colombia
  131. Tunisia V France
  132. Everton sign Beckford on 4 year deal
  133. Nigeria's Final 23
  134. first game of the season next season
  135. Crystal Palace & Liquidation
  136. An England squad with no Arsenal players in it.
  137. Who are you supporting
  138. Joe cole signed for arsenal?
  139. Bye Bye Rafa?
  140. World cup TV guide (Group Stages)
  141. Rafa Benitez has left Liverpool
  142. Who did Liverpool need for the revamp process
  143. Mexico 2 - 0 Italy
  144. Personal Favourite World Cup Goals
  145. Rio Ferdinand Having Scan on Knee Injury
  146. Drogba out the world cup?
  147. World Cup Fantasy Football - Round 2
  148. Mikel out of World Cup
  149. Robben injury rocks Dutch
  150. Nigeria 3 - 1 North Korea
  151. World Cup 2010 Predictions
  152. SPINOFF - WC Fantasy Football (Head2Head League)
  153. fucking hell
  154. Glazers £1.1billion in debt
  155. Liverpool make new managerial appointment
  156. Platinum Stars Vs. England live
  157. Mitchell and Webb - Football
  158. Decent England Songs
  159. Englands chances realistically...
  160. England world cup group points poll
  161. Dear Wife/ Sweetheart/Girl Friend/ Partner/whomever it may concern,
  162. Nani out of world cup
  163. what really is better for england since 2006
  164. Benitez agrees to join Inter
  165. joe cole and ballack to be released this week
  166. WC Conspiracies
  167. Another Player With An Injury Scare, This Time Iniesta!!
  168. Maradona's Training Methods >>>>>>>>>... lulz
  169. World Cup Odds 9/6/2010
  170. Sky Sports Fantasy Football
  171. World cup group A thread (France, Mexico, South Africa, Uruguay)
  172. World cup group B thread (Argentina, Nigeria, Greece, South Korea)
  173. World cup group C thread (England, Slovenia, Algeria, USA)
  174. World cup group D thread (Australia, Germany, Ghana, Serbia)
  175. World cup group E thread (Cameroon, Denmark, Japan, Netherlands)
  176. World cup group F thread (Paraguay, Slovakia, Italy, New Zealand)
  177. World cup group G thread (Ivory Coast, Portugal, Brazil, North Korea)
  178. World cup group H thread (Honduras, Chile, Spain, Switzerland)
  179. Martin Broughton (FAO Liverpool dudes)
  180. World Cup general discussion thread
  181. Official Rob Green is shit thread
  182. Alexi lalas<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
  183. Mascherano
  184. Benayoun to Chelsea ?
  185. i have no passion or love for football its a job!
  186. England 1966 & 2010 Just a load of coincidences or...
  187. The Vuvuzela Depreciation Thread
  188. Ban Vuvuzela?
  189. Oi guys
  190. skepta to west ham
  191. Being a arsenal fan most days are hard.
  192. 2010/11 fixtures
  193. france manager is a waste man
  194. Manuel Pellegrini next Liverpool Manager?
  195. So i'm no longer supporting England....
  196. Anelka to be sent home..
  197. World Cup "Last 16" thread
  198. Gervinho’s (Ivory Coast)forehead is distracting
  199. England needs.........
  200. GHANA stand up tall and......
  201. Turkey >>>> England (FAO Skeptical/Retard)
  202. JT Dive
  203. who was the blackburn manager?
  204. World Cup Quarter-Finals thread
  205. Official USA vs Ghana thread
  206. Eboue is a legend!
  207. UFC 116 Brock Lesnar vs Shane Carwin
  208. Luis Fabiano to Manchester United?
  209. yugoslavia - how good would they be
  210. Form is temporary. Class is permanent (England/Rooney World Cup evaluation thread)
  211. So now England are out......
  212. Can Ghana beat Uruguay?
  213. The future of England's National team
  214. Managerial Merry-Go-Round Thread
  215. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> (etc)
  216. The Liverpool Squad 2010/11
  217. Another fuck the sun/other shit tabloids thread
  218. A disappointed Ronaldo fan.
  219. Nigerian President Bans National Team From Football Competitions Until 2012
  220. new gerrard rumour / england team rift
  221. Your Fav Football Player Of All Time?
  222. Watch the skank: Ghana players celebrate before the quarter final
  223. Milner to Man City (£28 Mill) Young to Arsenal (£22 Mill)?
  224. Debate: After Porto, Mourinho has picked the plump jobs
  225. Official Ghana vs Uruguay thread
  226. Fabios Staying
  227. What would you do if you were Gyan? (srsly)
  228. Suarez: I have the 'Hand of God' now.
  229. Who is the Pengest WAG?
  230. Germany vs Argentina thread
  231. Does football need a drastic revamp of its rules?
  232. So Appiah was offside b4 Suarez made the save
  233. Klosse just won me £80
  234. Spain Vs Paraguay 7:30 BBC
  235. Paraguay vs Spain thread
  236. World Cup Semi-Finals thread
  237. ok, so my mates crack the goal line technology debate!
  238. Official Uruguay vs Netherlands thread
  239. Who's Decade
  240. Using Fifa to predict matches IRL
  241. Official Germany vs Spain thread
  242. World Cup Top Goal Scorrer Predictions
  243. Official David Haye vs Audley Harrison speculation thread
  244. State of origin
  245. Official World Cup Final Thread (Spain vs Netherlands)
  246. Barcelona fail to pay squad wages
  247. Players that didn't live up to expectation
  248. The curse of the Nike Ad - wrong the future!
  249. Video Replays in Football?
  250. Boxing Fans Fun : Ivan Drago vs Clubber Lang