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  1. Man Utd applies to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange
  2. RvP Aint extending his contract
  3. FAO: Mods
  4. Should Arsenal keep Van Persie?
  5. FAO: Hutch / Messiah / SamJackson247
  6. The Return of the Zizou
  7. Arsenal boardroom politics
  8. Goal-line technology approved by Fifa
  9. Robin Van Persie signing for Southampton (pics inside)
  10. Barcelona Under 11's
  11. RVP's replacement
  12. Abou Diaby
  13. Rvp u-turn
  14. BREAKING NEWS: Luka Modric has signed a new contract at Spurs!
  15. Rooney hands in Transfer Request!
  16. Ufc 148 predictions?
  17. Joey Barton On Twitter Now [Michael Owen At His Peak Was Our Greatest Ever Product]
  18. Football ticket prices thread
  19. Premier League years
  20. The Football ground game
  21. Andy Murray
  22. FAO Liverpool Fans
  23. Cheap Football Shirts..
  24. UEFA Under 19 Championships
  25. Anyone know wag1 for the snooker?
  26. Your Top 3 Fave Players From YOUR Club
  27. Should football be regulated more?
  28. The New Season
  29. Giggs or Pires?
  30. Sorry but I just wanted to share this (FAO fellow gooners)
  31. Favourite/best seasons youve seen your team have
  32. Diego Maradona sacked as manager of Al Wasl
  33. Football Streaming Links 2012/13
  34. Chris Coleman to re-attempt approaching Ryan Shawcross for the Wales squad
  35. Name the player from his clubs
  36. Best supported clubs in England survey
  37. Macheda
  38. Name the manager from his clubs
  39. oi mods/admins/jamieqpr/Guys in East
  40. The ESPYS 2012
  41. Brazilian football comic set in the favela of city of God
  42. Mario Gotze gets excited
  43. Haye - Chisora weigh in just starting
  44. Been trying to find Arsenals 11-12 Kit online for no more than 25
  45. FAO betting people, Joe, bigdon, Hij etc.
  46. Lol at Rangers and Celtic Fans
  47. Who is the better keeper?
  48. Official Modric joins Real Madrid
  49. Who can see this
  50. Amir Khan v Danny Garcia @ 2AM [Sky Sports 1 HD]
  51. amir iqbal khan vs danny garcia full fight video.
  52. This might just be one of the greatest goals I've ever seen ITT.
  53. Berbatov
  54. WWE money in the bank STREAM
  55. FAO: United fans
  56. Talk me through it
  57. Who will win the PL 2012/13 Season *Poll*
  58. Best English player ATM
  59. Andy Carroll having medical at Newcastle united!!!!!!
  60. Official Polish football thread (Sky 498/Freeview 227)
  61. Can All Nottingham Forest Fans Enter This Thread
  62. Football Manager 2012
  63. Tour De France
  64. How many goals will Brazil beat #TeamGB by?
  65. Best free kick taker
  66. Official Football League thread 2012/2013
  67. What clubs do u hate???
  68. Fantasy Premier League 12/13
  69. Premier League Worst XI??
  70. Fave player from each team
  71. Could you wear another teams shirt???
  72. Oi Gordon you prick
  73. FAO Those in the Fantasty Premier League 12/13
  74. Greatest Sport Achievement as a Sportsman
  75. Footie Brain Teaser
  76. West Brom Vs Copenhagen Live 6pm Kick Off
  77. Athlete thrown out of Olympics over racist tweet
  78. team gb vs england football team...
  79. John Terry Charged by FA
  80. QPR <<<<<<<<<< lululu
  81. Oi Mods
  82. I now believe the hype (Neymar thread)
  83. Rio Ferdinand Charged Over Choc Ice Tweet.
  84. Best defence, midfield, attack in the premier league
  85. Rangers..
  86. Is Fergie supporting the Glazers because he is profiting from it...
  87. Benjani Mwaruwari Foundation
  88. i now own a SM Game World
  89. Rep and the new season and that
  90. Joey Barton loaned out to...
  91. Long live the CHAMP!
  92. @hij
  93. Mens 100M outright winner
  94. Can You Trust Males That Don't Like Football?
  95. Facts you didn't know about from the 2011/2012 season
  96. Anyone play(ed) hockey?
  97. RVP makes a U-turn
  98. Usain Bolt wants to play for Man United
  99. Chelsea vs Man City - Community Shield - 12th August - 1:30pm
  100. "Any kid could aspire to be a dressage medallist" says some knob on a horse
  101. Barcelona v Manchester United 7PM
  102. FIFA World Rankings August 2012
  103. The Thread For Controversial Opinions
  104. Liverpool v Gomel UEFA Cup
  105. Ken Bates' programme notes leaked
  106. England Squad v Italy [Friendly]
  107. Liverpool...
  108. FA Cup 2013
  109. The Secret Footballer
  110. Man U Shares Flop
  111. Kean faces sack if club lose first 3 games
  112. What will the league table look like after 13 games?
  113. Flags to masts time - predict your teams fortunes for the new season
  114. Is Mike Ashley the greatest hustler in PL football history?
  115. Liverpool v Bayer Leverkusen - kick off 15:00
  116. FC Cologne V Arsenal (16:00)
  117. Will RVP join Man. United? (Deal agreed between Arsenal and Man. Utd)
  118. Which new signing will take this season by storm?
  119. Official Ligue 1 Thread
  120. Horrific assault on referee (NSFW)
  121. The Premier League's Most Amazing Moments
  122. "This Squad" thread
  123. Man U fans mainly
  124. CAPITAL ONE CUP fixtures for tonight
  125. INTERNATIONAL FRIENDLY England V Italy - 15th August
  126. Fabrice Muamba Forced To Retire
  127. Footballers who aren't cunts (and ones who are massive cunts)
  128. International football out the way!
  129. FA Premier League Player Exchange
  130. The Premiership Rap
  131. Manchester City to release statistical data on all teams
  132. U21 Premier League (Elite Stages now on)
  133. West Ham as big as Utd or Arsenal?
  134. CHAMPIONSHIP FOOTBALL Cardiff V Huddersfield - 17th August
  135. Arry' and Mick McCarthy join MOTD
  136. Football Italia
  137. The official Soccer AM thread
  138. Brazilian Serie A
  139. Worst Debut Of All Time?
  140. Will QPR be relegated?
  141. @JamieQPR @JoeyBarton
  142. Manchester City Tunnel Cams
  143. Top Of The League.....
  144. Are Manchester City a big club?
  145. SUPER SUNDAY 1 Stoke V Arsenal - 26th August
  146. ITV speak to BT about possibly showing Premier League games and that
  147. Andre Santos you boy
  148. Paddy Kenny >>>>>>>
  149. Pick a first 11 but you can only have one player from a club
  150. PREMIER LEAGUE Chelsea V Newcastle - 25th August
  151. R.I.P Freddie Ljunberg's
  152. Andres Iniesta brilliant skill v Real Madrid!
  153. Whos watching sunday supplement
  154. CAPITAL ONE CUP 2ND ROUND - 28th August
  155. Alex Dmitry Song-Billong "Fobbed Off" By Arsenal
  156. Football caption contest thread
  157. Europa League ITT We laugh at Spurs
  158. SPANISH SUPER CUP 2ND LEG Real Madrid V Barcelona - 29th August
  159. Alternative Premier League Table
  160. Mr. Ferguson's Recent Banning of Journalist's Suggests The Tyrant Is Out Of Control
  161. Greek Referee with a delicate back heel assist
  162. Ajax>>>>
  163. what happened to player managers?
  164. Champions League Draw
  165. Transfer Deadline Day
  166. Di Canio Appreciation Thread
  167. championship games bet thread?
  168. Mods Sticky: 10 to 10000
  169. Need Help
  170. ITT we post random football videos
  171. Do Arsenal Operate With A Holding Midfielder?
  172. How do I close down my SkyBet account?
  173. FAO MAN U Fans
  174. Cristiano Ronaldo has told Real Madrid he wants to leave?
  175. John Henry's open letter to fans
  176. What we learned this week in football
  177. Arsenal fans kill Liverpool fan [RIP]
  178. US Open
  179. The Official Chelsea topic
  180. Mistakes your manager has done in recent years
  181. Roy Essandoh >>>>>>>.
  182. The Risers Thread.
  183. Jamaica want Sterling
  184. World cup or champions league?...
  185. Bundesliga hightlights itv4 every monday
  186. Betting Update - Week to go
  187. England vs Ireland confirmed
  188. What are your thoughts on..
  189. Ganso to agree deal with sao paulo!
  190. You think your travelling support is impressive?
  191. Champions League Fantasy Football - 4 hours to sign up ASAP
  192. Manchester United go into profit for 2011/2012 due to a one-off tax credit.
  193. Champions League Final tickets
  194. .
  195. Wtf ITV not showing any CL football today
  196. Betting - 50k limit lifted
  197. vCash betting league table (Updated for October)
  198. Ian Wright | Nothing To Something ] Great Documentary
  199. Fan throws grenade onto the pitch at an Iranian football league match.
  200. Fans zombie banner deemed offensive
  201. West Ham/Olympic Stadium thread
  202. Henry da bumbaclart legend OLIMPICO Corner Kick Goal madness!!!!!!!
  203. FAO: Man United supporters mainly
  204. Andy Carrol's old bebo account
  205. Premier League: ITT we laugh at Aston Villa
  206. Non League Thread
  207. How do you check open bets?
  208. Spanish football: Rayo Vallecano vs Real Madrid
  209. Terry retires from international football
  210. Did you know.. (Football facts)
  211. Best and Worst football kits ever
  212. LOOOOOL @critic gif this arsenal vs city
  213. Bump
  214. Terry Found Guilty.......4 Game Ban
  215. Buying an Arsenal Red membership..
  216. Why are you so interested in football
  217. The Ryder Cup
  218. The accumulator thread
  219. Are there any sites where I can place a lump sum on..
  220. The first manager to get sacked this season
  221. Peter Ridsdale banned from being a a company director for seven and a half years
  222. itt we admit we got it wrong
  223. Puyol dislocates elbow ...fuck it i lol'd
  224. Tottenham Hotspur and AKA Mumulators and shit
  225. Mourinho on Mancini
  226. 150,000 condoms are handed out to a host of super-attractive athletes at the olympics
  227. Home sweet home for Wimbledon
  228. Favourite footballers/sports people when you were growing up?
  229. West Indies win World Twenty20 Cricket
  230. bolton fan falls off the top tier at hillsborough
  231. International Breaks
  232. 2nd fight
  233. ITT we discuss the great career Hulk had/could have had.
  234. @Josh Celebrates Dramatic Last Minute Victory
  235. Post videos of anything & everything (sports-related)
  236. Wikipedia: Mercenary (disambiguation)
  237. Wablow
  238. Non nationals playing for England?
  239. Senegal vs Ivory coast - abandoned
  240. Richard Hughes wins seven races at Windsor
  241. Harry Redknapp: Bale is at the same level as Messi and Ronaldo
  242. england under 21's vs serbia
  243. 10 No Deposit Bet with Betfred
  244. Torres Interview (talks about being at Chelsea and leaving Liverpool)
  245. Amazing amateur football goals!
  246. BBC Sport Price of Football survey 2012
  247. jason roberts >>>>
  248. FTA sports mods. championship / forest bets this weekend please
  249. 10 free bet at BetFred
  250. Ian Holloway is a don