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  1. Fuck off, This freekick>>>>
  2. FAO Hij [Someone Had To Make The Thread]
  3. Real Madrid v Barcelona (El Clasico double)
  4. Football Kits - 2011/2012
  5. Torres to not score this season (Rep Bet) Gazza vs Sosa
  6. FAO: People who play for Football teams.
  7. Other: Official transfer rumours thread
  8. Rooney on swearing mistake etc
  9. Roy Jones Jr vs Denis Lebedev 2011-05-22
  10. Tottenham vs Real Madrid
  11. Danny Fiszman Dies after suffering from long term illness
  12. New Liverpool Away Kit
  13. Man City vs Man Utd (FA Cup, Semi Final) - 16th April
  14. Carlton Cole accepts FA charge
  15. Married Premiership star wins gagging order over affair with Imogen Thomas
  16. Arsenal vs Liverpool
  17. 2011 NBA Playoffs
  18. ITT we predict who will be the next premierleague flop..
  19. Who did you idolise in football as a kid?
  20. Lionel Messi appereciation thread.
  21. Bale Expected To Win PFA Player Of The Year Award
  22. Arsene Wenger
  23. I Know You Guys Don't Like American Soccer, But....
  24. PFA Results 2011
  25. Rio Ferdinand's stalker
  26. Newcastle v Man Utd
  27. JESUS- someone's getting sacked at the independent for this URL
  28. Tabloid journo put in his place
  29. Arsenal v Tottenham
  30. Final Topic on Benitez/Owners from me
  31. Fer-nan-do - TORRES
  32. The title race
  33. Copa del Rey dropped by Real Madrid's Sergio Ramos
  34. Top 5 Wrestlers
  35. Houllier taken to hospital
  36. Liverpool land £25m a year kit deal
  37. Greatest Footballer of All Time
  38. Scott Parker wins Football Writers award
  39. Raul Meireles named PFA Fans' Player of the Year
  40. Georgie Thompson splits up with Dec
  41. Wenger's response to the Fabregas interview n manager confrontations
  42. Cardiff City v QPR
  43. Is it possible to support two football teams?
  44. Dubai based company buys Spanish club Getafe, to rename it "Team Dubai"
  45. Manchester United VS Everton
  46. Odemwingie is a don.
  47. My Top 5
  48. Arsenal VS Bolton
  49. Andy Townsend is a fucking clueless cunt.
  50. Premier Leagues GOAT line up?
  51. Well done Arsenal
  52. Ouch!
  53. Im Sorry Arsenal Fans But.......
  54. Arsenal fans that are calling for Arsene Wenger to go
  55. If only Cardiff/Norwich were closer to QPR
  56. Blackburn vs Manchester City
  57. Preston Relegated and Scunny and Sheffield Utd all but gone.
  58. Wenger
  59. Most pessimistic football fans?
  60. Schalke v Man Utd 1st leg
  61. one man pitch invasion in a wheelchair
  62. Ryan giggs exposed as the man who had an affair with imogen thomas
  63. Top 100 Paid Players
  64. Darron Gibson is truly loved
  65. Chesterfield fan punched Bury keeper in the face
  66. Dan from Meridian boxing
  67. Real Madrid v Barcelona (First Leg)
  68. Sir Kenny?
  69. Dutch Club Sign 1 Year Old To 10 Year Contract
  70. l0l wilshire = john terry v2
  71. Guess Who's BIZZACK!!!
  72. Yeah just put a man on the post
  73. Terry has an affair with Torres' wife !
  74. Chelsea vs Tottenham
  75. The football media disgusts me.
  76. FAO Bigdon (any1 else whos into horses)
  77. Arsenal v Man Utd
  78. funny David Luiz interview
  79. Eieieio
  80. FAO betfred mandem
  81. St-Pierre.vs.Shields & Couture vs Machida
  82. Arsenal rep thread
  83. Arsenal fans donate money and we will win next season.
  84. ***Reported missing***
  85. Man Utd vs Chelsea
  86. Fao: Liverpool fans
  87. FAO: Tottenham Fans and Goodfella
  88. How do you think Man City will do in the CL?
  89. RIP Henry Cooper
  90. Fergie Cools Off After Defeat By Going Cinema
  91. League Table Predictor Thread
  92. Hyypia Retires [LFC Legend]
  93. The Saints are coming...
  94. Sian Massey gets speared!
  95. Norwich promoted to the Premier League
  96. West Ham will stay up
  97. Best talent being wasted on the bench
  98. Barcelona v Real Madrid 2nd leg
  99. a quick look at Spurs last 12 matches...
  100. Commentator Hit By Cricket Ball - Audio lol
  101. What do people think about additional bans for dangerous challenges?
  102. Gym internships.
  103. Polish hooligans fight during Polish cup final
  104. Man Utd v Schalke 04
  105. Alan Smith's ex girlfriend hacks his twitter
  106. Mascherano, Pedro, Busquets - My face hurts
  107. Man Utd v Barcelona, CL Final, May 28th 2011, Wembley
  108. FAO Man Utd Fans.
  109. Real to bid for Cesc.
  110. If Utd Win The CL Do We Get An Extra Euro Spot?
  111. How the Premiership table would look if every shot that hit the post went in
  112. Man Utd Team Next 4 Games rep bet
  113. Green and Gold
  114. Arsenal: Arseholes
  115. Mourinho given a 5 match ban and Pepe a further 1 match ban
  116. QPR
  117. QPR
  118. Roy Carrol
  119. The Sports Room Gas Thread
  120. Charlie Adam>>>>>>>
  121. Who do you think it is?
  122. Chesterfield >>>
  123. Fao: Sosa
  124. Chelsea
  125. Manny Pacquiao v Shane Mosley
  126. Stéphane Sessègnon
  127. A day late so I apologise
  128. Man Utd vs Chelsea 08/05/2011 - Title decider
  129. FAO: Everyone who missed Pacquiao vs Mosley who wants to see it.
  130. Arsenal Vs Stoke Thread
  131. Congrats to United
  132. I have been engulfed by Porto this year
  133. Lord Sugar tackles football
  134. The upcoming transfer market
  135. Liverpool v fulham (20:00 today)
  136. ITT we list our squads deadwood that needs getting rid of..
  137. Manchester City v Tottenham
  138. Hypothetical Situation
  139. Alan Sugar on Football
  140. FAO Man United Fans
  141. Ex-FA boss makes Fifa world cup bribe claims
  142. Someone school me on Muhammad Ali?
  143. Free 5l Keg of Heineken and Snacks if you have Sky Sports HD
  144. Du du du du du du du du luis suarez
  145. An Alternate Universe...
  146. Ben Foster retires from England duty
  147. Balotelli's At It Again..
  148. Noel Gallagher threatens to bite off Neville's moustache with his teeth
  149. FAO: Zoffie
  150. FAO: Chelea fans... who do you want to see signed?
  151. Little Pea, Javier Hernandez, Little Pea
  152. Kicking off in Scotland
  153. Uefa 100 top teams quiz
  154. FA Cup Final: Manchester City v Stoke
  155. Kenny Dalglish signs 3 year deal
  156. 2011 Play-Offs thread
  157. uefa open disciplinary case against Busquets
  158. Just seen this on Facebook... Supposedly Capello's fucked off.
  159. For any Liverpool fan who fancies an essay
  160. Berbatov...
  161. Oh Fergie please, stop being so mean. Cos Howard Webb's your friend...
  162. Man City fan gets tattoo to celebrate his teams FA cup victory
  163. Out of interest
  164. Blackburn vs Manchester United **Man Utd are champions**
  165. Club season summary
  166. Wayne Rooney shaves number 19 into his chest hair
  167. Arsenal Fans Protest Before The Villa Game
  168. Beckham's still got it
  169. Liverpool v tottenham(16:00 ko)
  170. Arsene Wenger pt2
  171. Aeroplane message from Millwall fans to West Ham
  172. Avram Grant sacked
  173. Mayweather After Dark
  174. FAO Man Utd Fans
  175. Manchester United fans unveil '19 times' banner at Anfield
  176. If the team you support went bust
  177. Any Birmingham City fans ?
  178. Swansea - Nottz Forest (Playoff semi, 2nd leg)
  179. Ajax goalkeeper drops Eredivisie trophy off team bus
  180. Police called to West Ham team dinner over brawl
  181. Wenger's anthem!
  182. Nile Ranger = Lengfather
  183. Steve Kean charged with drink driving
  184. FAO Football Manager 2011 Mandem/Zoffie
  185. Kevin Prince Boateng - Michael Jackson
  186. Cardiff vs Reading
  187. lmfao man citeh fans<<<<<
  188. Audley Harrison 'I've Got Nothing To Be Embarrassed About'
  189. We Are ALL Neil Lennon!
  190. Europa League Final FC Porto v Braga
  191. Goal of the Season
  192. liverpool player on loan brakes players jaw and nose
  193. Longoria's catch
  194. this punch 36seconds
  195. In sickness and wealth...
  196. Sky sports news stream needed
  197. Head gooonnnnnnneee!
  198. Snoop, Le Bron James and Samuel L Jackson
  199. Best Goals Thread
  200. Genesis according to the bible of Arsenal
  201. Goals of the season, 2010/2011
  202. Songs you hear from every club
  203. Fulham Set For Europa League Spot
  204. R.I.P ''Macho Man'' Randy Savage
  205. Five A Side
  206. James De Gale v George Groves
  207. Arsenal win a trophy!
  208. the old firm
  209. Lucas wins the Golden Samba
  210. Official last day of the season / Relegation Sunday / Thread
  211. United confirm Hargreaves exit..
  212. Ancelotti leaves chelsea
  213. Redknapp on ssn
  214. How does football affect your mood?
  215. Edwin Van Der Sar appereciation thread.
  216. rugby league
  217. Craven Cottage might be the nicest ground I've been to
  218. West Ham's number one managerial target is...
  219. Transfer Window Time
  220. Early champions league line-ups!
  221. It's been confirmed.
  222. KO'ed during a try
  223. Sergio Aguero announces he wants to leave Atletico Madrid
  224. Good Old Giggs
  225. Team of the Decade
  226. Champions League playoff idea scrapped for now
  227. lol this guy
  228. Drogba and Elmander upfront for Galatasaray ?!!
  229. Blackpool and Birmingham
  230. Loudest Premier League Fans 10/11
  231. G Nev Testimonial
  232. Champions League Final - Man U vs Barcelona
  233. David de Gea will join Man Utd
  234. Stan Kreonke>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  235. Favourite active striker in the Premier League?
  236. The top 10 goals of the Champions League.
  237. Kolo Toure given 6 month Ban
  238. Bale staying at spurs
  239. Pick 11 players..
  240. Championship Playoff Final - Reading v Swansea
  241. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory
  242. Lewis Hamilton interview
  243. Events which could have completely changed the history of football
  244. Paul Scholes announces retirement from football
  245. Football Manager - 2100 and beyond
  246. Football Culture Clash: a debate with Paul Hayward
  247. Anti Paul Scholes Thread
  248. Boxing
  249. isle of man TT
  250. 2011-12 Predictions.