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    Default How helpful are/were Grime bloggers to the scene?

    I think bloggers have an important place in the scene and it's ended up being a good oppourtunity for those named to further their career.

    But my main problems with grime blogs are when there are Q and A's the questions are cliched and poor. Its always whens the new album out yadda yadda, not actually teaching the reader about the artist!

    They're poorly written, they either take the approach of trying to be superarticulate or dumbed down. Most people reading blogs are probably College educated but not Cambridge Uni, so they want standard stuff like you get in a Tabloid.

    Original news and info, not copied of a forum most people read, or some twitter hype everyone knows about.

    please discuss
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    very helpful , before bloggers it was just people that didnt know much about grime speaking on this new thing.

    when everyone jumped on computers you had a bunch of people looking for new material, grime bloggers were some what a kind of filter for finding new music and some gave insight on what was happening at the moment outside of making songs.

    hattie collins was more in depth interviews, not sure if she had a blog, she probably did but cant remember. You had hyperfranks blog talking about new music and mixtapes but also had a section were she was writing about grime nights out and who she bumped into and all that stuff , it gave you a deeper insight on what was happening away from radio and tv, and than later on you had prancehall and fullygrown contributing abit more with jokes and reviews and funny images. id say alot of outsiders got to know grime through the bloggers and so on.

    Around the time people said grime was dieing or did "die" bloggers started to fade out, no one really cared about blogs anymore this is why i was surprised at the numbers the uncle grime blog was doing especially during 2011-2013 , its like their was a slight demand for it but i was just doing it for the lolz.

    bloggers aren't needed so much right now, for some people, maybe
    but i feel like their is huge space for grime vloggers that actually know grime, to pass on knowledge. thats one of the things i feel like is missing for grime because now we have a whole bunch of people interested in grime and want to know more, and when i say more i mean the proper shit, like when people discover hiphop they research the whole timeline, alot of people want to do that with grime too but the info is rare but where do you go??? who do you speak with?? you cant right? where can you actually learn more about grime, all the things thats happened over the years all this info is scattered. The vlogging game is open for anyone thats knowledgeable about grime, someone from outside the UK said to me "can you make a video about the best top 10 crews?" i said wtf i dont make videos but that would be sick if someone did that, and i got a thought what if someone made a vlog thing and was actually schooling people on the best crews and why with proper analytic analysis and stuff like that, or the best record labels in grime and why etc etc.

    tl;dr bloggers did their thing and were very helpful to the scene/now with the use of technology, and grime insight vlogging might just be the next best thing.
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