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    thinking of upgrading my macbook pro, had it around 5 years and I've literally run it into the ground, performing slow as a muthfuka and defo on its last legs. Just wondering if anybody has got any advice on what to look out for in terms of being a fast reliable computer. i use logic most of the time and have N.I Komplete which is quite heavy and uses a lot of power. looking to get some fast processing with high CPU capability. what sort of figures and stats should i be looking at regarding RAM and Storage and that? anybody got any knowledge they can pass on? Safe

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    How much RAM is in the macbook? You should be able to put 16GB in it. That will help. Also, what HDD you using? Get a solid state drive. They're much quicker. What DAW you using too? In Ableton you can freeze tracks. I sometimes work on a 2008 macbook and I can use it ok for the most part.
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