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im not breddin anyone, wileys last 2 albums didnt really generate as much discussion as this new one<br />
and ghetts album show signifies something else and a different way people view the scene but thats for another thread
im just sayin 2 big things have happened so far imo , can even add in AJ's lil tracey tour but chipmunk already did that years ago so i cant add that in but stilllllllll your mans stormzy is about to put an album out, could be big or dead, will it impact the scene or nahh?
Bruv if Wiley gets a number 1 album that's s good look for Wiley. Not grime. Same with ghettos and any other veteran MC

We can't keep saying grime is "doing things" when it's the same guys from 11 years ago that's the ones doing things 🇬🇧