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    hahaha ars*nal top 2? Nah mate. You're 4th for a good while yet. We're coming 5th this year and won't get back in the top 4 for a very long time.

    United are too good for anyone to catch (unless Moyes somehow has the biggest mare ever). City have too much doe to compete with. Chelski are getting Mourinho back so they will be back to being incredible again. You lot are a weak side but you have more of a winning mentality than us, plus the lure of champs league football and top 4 means u will always attract decent players and most likely keep pipping us to 4th year on year

    edit: as for bale i would love to see him stay but i don't see how he can go without champs league football again. He already thinks he's Cristiano Ronaldo MkII I can't see him staying at Spurs without champs league, he deserves to be at Utd or Real
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    Bale needs to step up, even to an Everton or Swansea tbf.
    Quote Originally Posted by Shanger View Post
    spurs r world class at makin prem teams look like barca
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    Kebab needs to start showing me some respect tbh I'm 2 shades darker then Moh, have a season ticket and I get the pints in all day [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

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    Bale is beginning to remind me of Gerrard in his pomp from 30 yards out when he picks the ball up, just waiting for him to drive forwards and piledrive it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jack 1017 View Post
    Suarez is probably the best player in the world

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    Quote Originally Posted by quality View Post
    Yeah, but it should be. Beyond Torres, we signed Sigurdsson and Dempsey, you signed Oscar and Hazard. We shouldn't really be competing.
    I'm not arguing on behalf of Chelsea, of course Chelsea should be doing a lot better, there has been a host of stupid decision making, that has taken what was such a promising hopeful genesis season for all of the coming together of Hazard, Mata, KdB, McEachran, Lukaku, Sturridge, Oscar etc.. and they have wasted it.

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