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    Thumbs up Selecta Fewie NastyFM 23/02/12 (T/List Inside) W/ Warz & Triumph

    Audio from my Thursday show on NastyFM
    With couple up n coming MCs from Luton- Warz & Triumph on Mic

    DOWNLOAD (Right Click & Save As)

    Or stream from the podcast Page- NastyFM Podcast's

    1.MIK- More
    2.Avalanch ft Shedeanna- Im Ready
    3.RD- Dirty & Clean
    4.Nico Lindsay ft Kwam, Darkos & Obese- Is That What He Did
    5.Big Narstie- Crazy Streets
    6.Wiley & Manga- Hottie
    7.Imz ft Jammer- Push Weight
    8.Macca- Goin In Hard
    9.Spooky- Sector 7
    10.Beyonce- End Of Time (Moony UKG Remix)
    11.Supra1- Ghoster
    12.Josh Osho ft Gambino- Giants (Sticky Remix)
    13.BOk BOk- Reminder
    14.Youngstar- Forumla
    15.DJ Oddz- Champion
    16.Dimples- 100 Teardrops
    17.Marsta- Face Off 2011
    18.Younga Hunga ft Nasty Cre- Big Bang
    19.Low Deep- Cheeky Violin
    20.APM ft Stayfresh- Straight Flush Remix
    21.Audio Pusha Men- 01582

    **Triumph & Warz On Mic**
    22.Spyro- Wow (Meshak Nasty Refix)
    23.Teeza- Spartan Shuffle
    24.Blazer- Spartan vs Bullacake
    25.J Beatz- RIP
    26.NSF- Gish
    27.J69- Eski-ish
    28.MR K RO- Minus 10
    29.Major Grave- Easy Does It
    30.Mr Dubz- Tumpa Riddim
    31.Sketche- Shotgun VIP
    32.Spooky- Rude Activity
    33.Werewolf- Spar With A Saiyan
    34.Chillz- Rant VIP
    35.DJ Oddz- Strung Up (Mr Mitch Remix)
    36.Sppoky- Curry Chips (Danny B Line Remix)
    37.Royal T- Shut The Funk Up
    38.Faze Miyake- Tom & Jerry
    39.Mossmade Beatz- Mystery Riddim
    40.Gremino- Another Take Me Away
    41.OH91- Autotune (Mr Mitch Remix)
    42.GullyFloss- Bullshit Riddim
    43.Sirpixalot- Stiff
    44.The Keykuttas- Keykuttas Anthem
    45.AT- Skengman

    46.Mossmade Beatz- Winstons Scarface
    47.RedStar- Diet Coke
    48.NSF- Unleash Hell
    49.Substeppers- Jungle step
    50.Moony- Too Jazzy
    51.Beatgeeks- Rhyme On Remix Instrumental
    52.Sebadee- Stone Island
    53.Blazer- Urgh
    54.SRC- Supernova
    55.Deset- Crisis VIP
    56.K1- H1N1
    57.DJ Myrikal- Annihilation
    58.Moony- All I Do Is 138 DJ
    59.Double 99- RIP Groove (J69 Remix)

    @SelectaFewie Thursday 6-8pm

    Last edited by Fewie; 28th February '12 at 02:03 AM.

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