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    i don't read much music journalism, the magazines available are too broad for my interests, and lack detail on subjects / genres i'm interested in.

    in term of blogs, i've never followed a blog, but those which i have looked at from time to time never really put across an interesting point or opinion, but merely write about coming events, releases and 'gossip'. i don't read reviews, if i'm unsure on whether to buy a product i will just listen to it before. i find reviews either state the obvious and lack any interesting detail, or come to some ridiculous conclusion about the music which comes across painfully forced and overly complex.

    i am open to suggestion for blogs though, i haven't gone out of my way to find any decent ones, i'm sure there are some good ones out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slu-wasteguy View Post
    Please elaborate bro
    to clarify i didn't mean his own blog, i meant the column

    But yeah skrillex killed it. Pitchfork really only writes about things 'hip' and 'happening', like the dubstep scene used to be. Now dubstep is being referred to as the new nu-metal. Of course pitchfork is gonna shy away. They might write about som 'cool' weird metal but they're not gonna get caught writing about the new linkin park.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andre View Post
    I'd like to think this signalled pitchfork's realisation that no matter how many times a journalist intellectualises electronic music, tells you where a samples from, or identifies what they believe a producer's influences are... it doesn't make the music any better or worse. it doesn't add any new meaning to the music. the music just becomes a mirror for their ego, a perverse way for them to tell you all about what other music they've listened to. because at the centre of it all there's nothing, describing sounds is uninteresting so the music they're actually talking about is just a void in the centre of what they actually write down.

    but this doesn't signal that. pitchfork, the wire, xlr8r etc will go on writing about music as long as noone mentions how pointless their task is.

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