Logan Sama Show Cut In Half

Posted By on January 5, 2010
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kiss100Yes, the illustrious Logan Sama who was the first DJ to be plucked from the grime scene and be afforded a show on a legal FM radio station has had his show cut in half. We believe there still to be a very loyal, hardcore and passionate following of grime on radio and especially where Logan Sama is concerned. We want to help Kiss realise just what they have taken from our ever growing scene.

There are several ways you can show your support for Logan Sama  and there are also ways you can register your disappointment with Kiss 100 themselves. Remember it was only recently Logan Sama’s show was made available to Bristol listeners such was the popularity of his show.

How you can help!

1) Firstly, if you have Facebook make sure you show your support by joining this group

2) Make sure that whenever you need a grime fix at any time during a week, you listen back to Logan Sama’s show at the Kiss Kube. These figures count alongside the people who listen live when the show airs on a Monday and count in Logan’s favour.

3) Finally you can register your disappointment with Kiss 100 directly by contacting them through their website. Please try to make all messages to Kiss polite and with clear English, but make sure you explain to them your disappointment at the shortening of Logan’s show.

You can also catch up with the Forum’s very own opinions and keep a track on the progress by visiting  this thread.grime is dead

For younger users,who maybe aren’t aware of his history bar his Kiss show, Logan Sama made a name for himself on the London pirate radio station Rinse FM, DJing sets for the likes of JME, Wiley and Flo Dan to name but three. While the nominations for the Grime Forum Awards 2009 are under wraps until we are ready to go, we can  reveal that four of your favourite sets from 2009 came directly from the sets in the second hour of his show.

Do your bit to support Logan  and grime and hopefully the Kiss management will realise the demand there is for a full length show of this type.

Hij – Grime Forum Manager

  • Hi . I just wanted to post something to get across what we’re doing at Kiss and to also say that its in my interest to listen to feedback.We’re totally committed to specialist shows such as Logans and we’ll continue to bring new things for audiences to check out . I spoke to Logan last week about what we’re doing and to say that there’s opportunity for us to run specials within grime, dubstep -whatever .Its all still there . I have a property called Midnight Mix that we’re starting whereby anyone can get their mix on Kiss if its broadcastable :-). If Logan has someone he wants to showcase then there’s a place to do it and also there’s an area for listeners to show their skills .Kiss will continue to bring new specialist shows in , its about keeping things fresh and its not about playlisting everything ! . I hope this goes a little way to showing our commitment …if you want to know anything else then please email me at Kiss .



    Andy Roberts :Group Programme Director KISS

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