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Posted By on September 10, 2009
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bigbeatz3Grime Forum catch up exclusively with one of the more recent DJs in the scene, none other than the tireless DJ Big Beatz. Recently inheriting a Rinse FM slot which involves not only having to be awake but also having to merk the decks between 3am and 5am we hear how it is to grind that shift! The O.T member has gradually been making his mark in the scene in recent months, especially recently as he DJ’d on the Grime Podcast Studio Mayhem Vol.9 for a line up consisting of Dogzilla, Deeperman, Devlin, Ghetts, Dolla Da Dustman and Al Blaze- you can download this set by right clicking here and “saving target/link as”. He’s also had Devlin, Dogzilla, Behave Yourself on his show among a whole array of other MCs.

He’s passionate for the music and conveys that throughout me chewing the fat with him. The interview takes place with the backdrop of a warehouse fire escape outside of Lewi White’s studio with the sound of police sirens ringing out in the distance.

So obviously you’ve been DJing on Rinse and now you have a slot on there, how did that come about?

Mainly it has been from working with the O.T crew who are from the same area as me and I’ve known them for years although Shotz was the main person behind me getting the show so I need to big him up each and every time. But yeah, the whole crew played a part in me getting to where I am now, so I can’t big them up enough back from my Clash FM days.

Did you do a tape and send it in for RAT/Geeneus or someone to listen to?

Yeah I did a CD for Shotz to give to RAT and obviously he must have liked what he heard.

So before all this could happen, you had to be DJing, how long have you been plying your trade for?

I started DJing since I was 16, so your looking at 8 years now!

So you’ve been grinding hard! You see because I hadn’t heard of you as much really till you got onto Rinse. Not being able to listen to Clash FM with my location is proably partly the reason, but I’m a guy who likes to know whats going on in the scene, and if I don’t know, I get pissed off! So who did know about you, who was sending you tunes when you was on Clash, because I imagine you get a lot more tunes sent through now?

To be honest with you mate, when I was on Clash I was playing my vinyls really because I wasn’t getting sent no new tunes, or I’d be purchasing tunes from shops and that mainly. But now I’m getting tunes from everyone and I have to big up Grime Forum everytime because I’ve had tunes from a lot of the producers on there who are working hard, without Grime Forum, I’d lose half the tunes I have!

Yeah there is a lot of talent on the forums, mainly from producers rather than MCs, what sort of users tunes are you playing at the moment then?bigbeatz1

At the moment I’m working with Santino, FlashG, Vibers, Exo Remedy, theres some deep tunes out there man. And for anyone else reading, keep sending your stuff in because if its hard I’ll play it, it doesn’t matter what your name is, same as me coming up recently as a DJ really as well, everyone needs to get heard if they are good, so big up the up and comers each and every time like.

So going forwards, what do you envisage for yourself in the next year, do you want to start playing out and that sort of thing?

Hopefully, I would like to do a few events and that but at the moment I’m just sticking with radio and hoping to get an earlier show on radio which would be good to get by the end of the year.

That’s true! Because 3 till 5 is very early. I mean 95% of the time I’m sleeping between them hours!

I think most normal people are asleep during them hours! (Laughs). The dedicated people stay up. But seriously it is a hard graft but everyone has to start from somewhere and at the end of the day I’m just glad to have a show on Rinse at the moment.

So if you could have any three MCs from the scene, in the whole history of it, who would you pick?

It’d have to be… (thinks).

Hard question isn’t it!?

Yeah man! If I could pick any three though it would have to be Devlin, Ghetts and Wiley man definately. For me since I’ve been making movements, they are the ones. I mean obviously Devlin’s there anyway you know but Ghetts and Wiley for me are the ones that are doing it right now, I’d love to do a proper radio show with them three definately man. It’d be a good look.

So what’s your opinions on people like Kano, Dizzee and Lethal B, because obviously them two didn’t make your list?

You see I don’t know really, they have sort of switched it up a bit, you don’t really hear a lot of their stuff any more do you know what I mean? To be honest I think Lethal B is alright but I never really rated him too much. He’s been doing his thing but he’s never really been a top MC of mine though. Kano though is one of my favourite MC’s from back in the day, but now you don’t really hear a lot of his stuff and what he does is different, so yeah I guess I just would want current people doing grime in any list I made.

That is true. I mean obviously on the other side you have Tinchy Stryder who has at least three hits in the top ten and number one’s as well but still finds time to drop a free grime EP after another free grime EP, what’s your opinion on Ruff Squad and them guys?

Kay Star, Deeperman and Devlin on Klash FM

Kay Star, Deeperman and Devlin on Klash FM

Yeah they are big Hij. Ruff Squad are them guys who can still make the commercial tunes or commercial sounding tunes but still produce some of the very best tunes and bangers in the grime- period. They are the guys, I need a few more tunes from them you know, so if anyones reading, get at me!

Is there anything else you want to get out there to the people, what’s going on at the moment and stuff like that?

Really I got a couple of free mix cd’s coming for road and of course Grime Forum, and an old school/new school O.T crew CD, I’m also going to try and do a monthly free download for guys who might like my DJing but don’t have the dedication or patience to stay up till 3am to hear me do music, provide for them guys as well.

Speaking of which, do you ever get any listeners from other countries as a result of playing out at that time?

Yeah definately, theres a few Australian listeners which hit up the MSN occasionally as well as a few American’s who do the same, so I do reach other audiences and I guess it allows people from them countries to hear grime live as they may otherwise not be able to, so there are positives to the time of my slot. And it really brings home how big the scene is when you have people like that locked in, so I have to big up G and RAT because without them I wouldn’t even have a show on Rinse.

Any final words?

Just watch out for next year really, big up the O.T crew guys, we’re back now innit and with any luck next year will be our year to blow. Shout out’s to everyone supporting me and look out for my O.T Crew Special mix for the Grime Podcast coming soon!

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