Sketchman – The Final Draft (Free Download)

Posted By on December 30, 2009
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A free download from a new upcoming MC entitled Sketchman who has been busy writing and spraying bars up in Danny C’s studio.

Featuring MC’s the likes of P Money, Killa P and Purple and producers in the vein of Cotti, Z-Dot and Deverlish you know that this young MC named Sketchman has already had his talent recognised by the majority of the scene. He’s released a full free download that is good enough to be a CD. Grime Forum can’t recommend it enough!

Go to SendSpace and download his free downloadable EP now

Sketchman’s myspace –

Expect more of the same in 2010!

4 Responses to Sketchman – The Final Draft (Free Download)

  1. Grez says:

    Why this is a free download I don’t know! Should of charged for this. Looking forward to the next CD.

  2. alex-louise says:

    hey this album is really good, ive listened to charlies art on myspace for a while now from “will i ever” and hes progressed so well the album is really good :) x

  3. d capital E says:

    Levels n workrate are high Sketch!
    Real Talk u could ave sold this disc!

  4. lady ca,ca says:

    the guys a ledgend xx speaks from the heart xx love it and love hes versatilaty xx bang on x

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