Mr Shaodow and Ghetts – Get Stronger (Video)

Posted By on June 30, 2011
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How the video came about in Mr Shaodow’s own words.

I travel around the UK selling my CDs, I’ve sold over 4,500 copies on my own so far. I’m a full time musician, I also trained in Shaolin Kung Fu in China at age 18.

Whilst travelling I met Mr SnoWman who actually recognised me as a result of the Grime Forum.

He bought one of my CDs to show support and I took his email address.

A few weeks later, he sent over a few folders worth of beats I heard one that I really liked and asked him if I could work on it.

I wrote the lyrics for the track and decided on the concept, around the same time I was also speaking with Ghetts via twitter and he had provisionally agreed to feature on one of my tracks.

I sent him the Get Stronger beat as I felt it’d suit him even though it had more of a dustep feel.

Luckily he liked the track, we arranged to meet up for a studio session and went and got his parts recorded.

A few weeks later we met up again and recorded a different track on a snowman beat, this would eventually become Stay Away.

I’d also sold a cd to an up and coming artist/producer called AK whilst in Guildford.

I showed him the lead track whilst in the studio with him and he liked it so much he asked if he could do the remix.

Ghetts is one of my favourite UK artists (after myself of course) but I was keen not to allow the whole of the single’s success to rely on his name.

I got in contact with a talented animated in America called Stone from Fluid Anims and spoke to him and told him my idea for the music video.

Stone specialises in the Stickman animation style and I knew it was something that hadn’t really been used for a UK music video so I was keen to give it a try.

I wrote the storyboard then me and Stone went back and forth working on it until we had something useable.

The video took a month and a half to make. Stone hand drew it live on the Internet so that I could tune in and give my feedback. We also had a lot of my fans and his fans tuning into watch as well.

All of this added to the interest surrounding the single.

On the 3rd of June the single was release onto iTunes and other major download sites. On 4th of June the video exclusive was showcased by SB.TV on YouTube.

It’s still early days but the response has been overwhelmingly positive. The video got over 30,000 views in 5 days and was the 3rd most watched UK music video in the UK the first few days after release.

The track has been played a few times on radio 1xtra, on Logan’s show and regularly on Rinse. It’s also been played and playlisted on some smaller regional stations around the county.

Being the enterprising artist that I am, I decided to print up some physical copies of the single and sell them on the streets myself.

I won’t know the digital sales figures for another month and a half but I’ve already sold well over 100 copies of the the single myself. So I’ll definitely at least break even and recover my investment. Which is a result for me considering it’s only a single.

I’ll be putting out a follow up release in the next few months so stay tuned and check out for more information.

More info about the Get Stronger release can be found at

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