Grime Digital meets GrimeTapes with a huge set!

Posted By on April 23, 2009
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Grime Digital meets Grime Tapes for a second time in preparation for the relaunch coming in May!

Flashing back in time to Christmas Day 2006, the tune is wheeled up to much excitement in the studio and Flo Dan shouts down the mic “Shut up!! Shut Up!! Every sound boy shut up!! Pack up your little dubplates in a suitcase, and go away with them!!” to much hilarity to everyone inside Rinse and everyone listening.

Tonnes of mentions to NASA. Can anyone remember what it stood for? Can anyone remember where it went? I certainly remember there being a lot of hype around it at least. Have a listen, its grime at its finest and some of the best artists going back to back.

The set features Flow Dan, Skepta, JME, Prez T, Wiley, Bossman, Trim, Slix and Fuda Guy and if you have iTunes click here to sign up to the podcast.

If you don’t have iTunes, navigate to – find the top post and click “download” there.

The full link to sign up for the podcast:

Big shout to Paul each and every and look out for the big coverage on the Grimetapes re-launch coming in May with another special set being uploaded to the podcast- it’s a lot right now I swear down!

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